An ACTION-packed adventure awaits you at Real Escape Room Richmond.

You are trapped in a room with a bomb. It's ticking down 60 minutes and you are going to have to either put in the right code on it's keypad or cut the right wire. If you cut the wrong one, type in the wrong number or shake it just a little too much it starts counting down TEN TIMES AS FAST!

Luckily there are clues upon clues and puzzles within puzzles that, if you can stay calm and focus, will allow you to unravel the mystery of how to defuse the bomb and escape the room with your lives intact!

Good luck! We are all depending on you!!!

Additional people may be added for groups of less than ten in order to fill the room. Private rooms are available for a fee.

Boom! - Escape room plans, recordings and printables

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  • This is a CONSISTENT best-seller to the general public and has been played by THOUSANDS of people and has been fine-tuned into a great game.  

    Generation: Gen 1

    Rooms: 1 or 2 room options

    Players: 10 recommended

    Player Difficulty: medium-high

    Build-out Difficulty: easy-medium

    Comes with detailed description of props, puzzles, game flow and employee reset list.  This game also comes with an ambiance recording and printibles and resources to acquire one needed electronic puzzle (the bomb).  Under $200 for the electronics - build your own casing/presentation.   

    As with all of our rooms you have e-mail access at any time for advice while you are building out and an hour of phone consultation free of charge.  Buyers will have exclusivity for permanent builds within a 100 mile radius of their establishment (with the exception of temporary & mobile bookings).