Patient Zero - Episode II

Now if you were one of the carefully selected groups that were chosen a year ago to stop zombie virus in patient zero part one, you’ll be disappointed to know that we did not do enough. Although we stopped the zombie virus from infecting millions at the time —  we didn’t capture Dr. Scaramouche..  

His corpse was un-recovered which allowed his virus to mutate and strengthen to the point the re-programmed nanobots didn't work.  He bit 20 people and they bit 20 and so on and so on so now we are facing a complete zombie apocalypse. 

So good job if you did part one (sarcasm) and if you didn’t do part one it’s your fault as well. 

Let’s give one more try. Here lies the Podunk City Morgue, where the now dead Dr. Scaramouche's body lays at rest. Everything in the morgue is locked up completely - but the city was known to leave clues around incase of emergencies like this.

Patient Zero Episode II

SKU: 126351351935
  • Generation: Gen 1

    Rooms: 1

    Players: 8-10

    Player Difficulty: medium

    Build-out Difficulty: easy

    Comes with detailed description of props, puzzles, game flow and employee reset list.  Biggest challenge is the unique and creative multi-door box - but anyone with moderate wood-working skills can make it.  

    As with all of our rooms you have e-mail access at any time for advice while you are building out and an hour of phone consultation free of charge.  Buyers will have exclusivity for permanent builds within a 100 mile radius of their establishment (with the exception of temporary & mobile bookings).