This is also GREAT for younger players because if they don't have the attention span for the puzzles they will still enjoy playing in the lasers.  Adults love it too especially in that the final puzzles are creative and quite challenging. 


STEAL $3 Million in Diamonds!

You have slipped into the private sitting room of an international crime lord. You have exactly one hour to slip past his security protocols including locked compartments, secret doors, an un-crackable safe and a LASER OBSTACLE COURSE so you can steal a fortune including the famous Nosome diamond worth $3.4 million - and not get caught!

Heist - complete game plan w/ laser maze layout, advice & consulting, resources

SKU: 284215376135191
  • Generation:  Early Gen 2

    Rooms: 2 (with secret door)

    Players: 8 recommended

    Player Difficulty: high

    Build-out Difficulty: difficult


    This is the second version of our laser-maze/heist game and it is radically different than the first as we made all the mistakes that you don't have to!

    Lasers are VERY difficult to install and not all laser equipment is equal.   We can give you some good advice in the install phase you won't get anywhere else including valuable resources for the RIGHT equipment.


    Comes with detailed description of props, puzzles, game flow and employee reset list.  Also comes with sketches of laser placement suggestions and tons of practical advice. 


    As with all of our rooms you have e-mail access at any time for advice while you are building out and an hour of phone consultation free of charge.  Buyers will have exclusivity for permanent builds within a 100 mile radius of their establishment (with the exception of temporary & mobile bookings).