Patient Zero

This is a complete build-out which means we will decorate the room, install post-apocalyptic lighting, build and install the microelectronics, train your staff and hand you the keys to to a well-tested and highly reviewed ready-to-play game!


Welcome to Nano-Gen Enterprises. We have invented wifi-programmable airborne nanobots that make viruses to CURE anything and a SUPER-computer named Josie to program them. 

Bad news is: Josie has gone insane. 

She created a nano-virus that heals the body quickly - but destroys every part of the brain that makes us human. Infected people are vicious, hard to kill and… well… eat people. The media calls them “Zombies”. 

Before he died, Dr. Figaro Skaramousch left clues on how to neutralize the virus before anyone else turns. But he had to hide or disguise everything so Josie’s robots could not find them. You will have to solve the clues he left you and re-program the nano-virus before it reaches epidemic proportions. 

And, the worst news is: The moment you enter the room you will be infected. You have only one hour before the disease has done to much damage to your body to reverse and you become one of them.

Good luck.


*This is a veteran room that has seen THOUSANDS of players and has been fine-tuned through trial and error.  It is a CONSISTENT best seller at our escape rooms and works well with the sequal game Patient Zero Episode II.  In addition to the obvious excitemnet there are also some great comedy elements built into this game as well (both in the player intro and in recordings we give you of Josie the insane AI.  She's kinda like Gladys from Portal if you've met her ;)

Patient Zero - Complete Build-out