You have been invited to audition for the School of Wizardry.  You will need your wands, wits and sense of wonder if you are to escape this magical adventure with your letter acceptance.

The School of Wizardry is a 3rd generation escape room that is filled with magic and a tremendous crowd draw and crowd pleaser.  Inspired by Harry Potter demographics that enjoy this game are as multi-generational as are the fans of that all-time best seller.

Wands cause pictures to magically change and secret doors to open.  Magic talismans cause secret compartments to rise from tables.  Lighting, sounds and even smells really give you the feeling that you are in an ancient and magical castle and all the electronics are hidden creating an illusion of real magic.

5-star rated on Yelp, Google, Facebook and Groupon this game is a reputation-maker and will bring gamers back to your facility.

SOW is available as both a written game plan only or we can come out and build it for you.  We are located in Richmond, VA so travel may affect the price up or down depending on your location.  The instructions are detailed, and as always, you can call any time for clarification and help.  However this room involves a great deal of work including installing multiple different electronics puzzles.  It will take 30-60 days for build-out and having experienced professionals do it for you will ensure that it is done right.

If you do it yourself plan around $4,000 for your build-out (depending on labor costs).  If we do it for you labor will be included in your quote.

This is the kind of escape room that places you well ahead of your competitors and is a real tourist attraction.

Comes with free plans for a mobile version you can take on a plane and use for promotional purposes at special events for for corporate clients/team-building seminars.

Call us today if you have any questions and let us help you take your facility to the next level.

School of Wizardry - Game Design Only