"We had a blast.  My hubby and I chose the Al Capone (Speak Easy) room and it was so much fun!!!"  

- Michelle Tennant


"We had so much fun in the speakeasy room!"

- Annette Steiner

Welcome to the untouchables.  Elliot Ness has hired you to help him bring down the biggest gangster of them all - the infamous Al Capone!

We have a warrant to search one of his private speakeasy’s and we have reason to believe his ledger is hidden in there somewhere.  You have exactly one hour to either find it and put him away for good…

…or be on the hit list of the most dangerous man alive.

Good luck!


Speakeasy is a complete and well-proven escape room for 1-2 rooms featuring multi-sensory puzzles, a secret door, passwords, great electronic puzzle and mag-lock action that doesn't take an electronic genius to build, action at a distance and sexy 1920's flappers (optional).  Speakeasy's are another growing international trend just like escape rooms - so it's the perfect time to produce this room.

Speakeasy (by Larry Volz) - Complete Escape Room Plans

SKU: game00006
  • Generation: Gen 1 and Gen 2 options

    Rooms: 1 or 2 room options

    Players: 10 recommended

    Player Difficulty: medium-high

    Build-out Difficulty: easy


    Comes with detailed description of props, puzzles, game flow and employee reset list.  


    As with all of our rooms you have e-mail access at any time for advice while you are building out and an hour of phone consultation free of charge.  Buyers will have exclusivity for permanent builds within a 100 mile radius of their establishment (with the exception of temporary & mobile bookings).