Super Uber Ultra Mega Bomb! 


FANTASTIC for versatility and ease!  This "bomb" can be built into any look/shell - whether you want a nuclear bomb, a briefcase bomb, a C4 bomb duct-taped to a wall (seen here) a bomb vest - you name it.  It's been made with working game masters in mind:


- Handy 480 x 320 touchscreen for easy entry and no buttons or internal wires to wear out. Made to last for thousands of games!


- Music and sound effects on board!


Option of having it play MP3 quality music playing through it for your room's background ambiance. Royalty free music included and we can easily put your custom music in instead.


- Just plug in any powered speaker with a standard 1/8" audio cable.


- If your speaker is USB powered you can plug the power cord right into the bomb so you only need only one wall plug (or battery connection)!


- Comes with the standard option to have police radio chatter (or other) sound effects randomly play in the background (simple on/off button on set-up screen)


- Option available to have a wireless computer keyboard for entry instead of on-screen keypad


- Soundtrack counts down. "Detonation in 60 minutes" and then again at the 10 minute mark and then 10... 9... 8... 7... to zero.


- has explosion sounds if the time runs out (way cooler than a simple siren)


- Has applause sound effects if they defuse the bomb


- No more pushing a paper clip into a hole, holding down a button for a long press to move to the next digit and short presses to change the numbers.


- Countdown screen has a button for keypad so the players can switch back and forth. More modern screen for the bomb defusing code entry.


- Can set default password that it automatically remembers from game to game


- Reset is as easy as pressing "New Game" and then "Start"


- Can change your password at any time easily


- You can set the time for a default 60 minutes or shorter lengths for special events


- We can attach/include a relay for door opening or other electronic reward


- 3d printed custom case protects the electronics with screw hold to easily mount to any bomb casing you want


- has wifi built in so you can play youtube playlists at night while you are cleaning up (yes, I know it's silly, but we enjoyed it)


- AC corded but we include a USB rechargeable battery option


- We can also customize it to your liking much more inexpensively than building something like this from scratch. Really, we are just super excited about this. It's a simple prop but with lots of possibilities.


This prop is so versatile it doesn't even have to be a bomb. For a small fee we'll change the sound effects and little details and send you the new software so it can be repurposed for another game. The same hardware can be used for a countdown data entry system; or a simple keypad entry system without the countdown for other puzzles and games down the line.


We plan on coming out with other games using it as time goes on. So it can be recycled for multiple escape rooms.  Other future upgrades on the drawing board include:


Using the (already built-in) bluetooth so you can run your music from it to your bluetooth speaker system and setting up a remote on/off/reset feature through a website so you can do all of that from your control room without even touching it


We are releasing it now at $400 and we will pay the shipping.  Please allow 30 days as we order the components as needed (but we'll try and get them to you sooner than that).


Off the rack it comes pre-loaded with the codes and sound effects for our game BOOM! (available here at But we'll be happy to pre-load it with your secret code as it's default before we send it to you free of charge. We're also happy to pre-load it with different music if you prefer.


Be the coolest kid on your escape room block and buy ten of them today!



*Note: The "C4" version displayed here is not included.  We are only selling the cool gismo in the center here. But we can build it for you, or any kind of bomb you would like, for an additional fee.

Super Uber Ultra Mega Bomb

  • Comes with a 30 day return or exchange policy as long as the screen is not cracked.  We will replace the screen for $100 if it ever does get damaged.


    We recomend that it be installed in something that is connected to a table or a wall or in some way where it won't be dropped - just like you wouldn't want to drop a cell phone.