Combination "breaker-box" buzzle and blacklight!  How brilliant is that?!?

Why just use UV flashlights when you can have one built into this uber-cool versatile puzzle and blacklight all-in-one!?


The Torch of destiny has eight switches on it that have to be switched to the proper configuration in order for the blacklight to come on.  We'll even share the puzzle we use from the game Patient Zero if you like to get your creative juices flowing.


Designed by escape room owner Larry Volz, the torch of destiny is made to be durable as well as attractive.  Your escape room can also easily re-set the switch combination to anything you like.  


Since these are made to order please allow 30 days for construction and delivery (we'll try and get it out much sooner than that though!).

Torch of Destiny

SKU: TOD0001
  • The Torch of Destiny comes with a 30 day warrantee against defective parts.  

    If the torch of destiny breaks at any time during the course of your games we will repair it free of charge for LIFE.  You need only pay for the shipping.

  • Ground shipping is free.  If you would like us to ship it faster we will do it for cost.  Just give us a ring at 804-234-4999.